5 Wooden iPhone Cases

wooden iphone 4g cases

A wooden iPhone case is a unique way to cover your iPhone. I have seen many on the market but wanted to show you a few that I really loved. Cover your iPhone in style with an eco-friendly wooden case.

  1. Vers Wooden iPhone Case from Think Geek: These wooden cases come in Cherry, Walnut, or Bamboo wood. You can choose from either a slipcase or shellcase. Steel pins have been added to the corners for extra reinforcement.
  2. Accessory Geeks Wooden iPhone Case: I actually have one of these cases. They come in light wood or dark wood. They are thin and not bulky. You can choose from iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4G styles.
  3. Substra Creative Studios iPhone 4G Wooden Cases: Substra makes their wooden cases by hand and covers more of the phone than some of the competitors. There is a micro-suede fabric to protect screen from scratches. And the case comes with a wooden stand.
  4. Grove Customized Wooden iPhone Cases: These are some of my favorites. You can upload your artwork and it is hand carved into the case. Choose from natural or amber colors.
  5. Miniot Wooden iPhone Cases for 3G, 3GS and 4G: Miniot cases seem to be very high end and all hand made. You can choose from several color designs and even textures.

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  1. Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World says

    While I appreciate that many like that “nature” feel, I just can’t wrap my head around putting wood on my very techy iPhone and covering up that slick look it has. I know my hubby would LOVE the wood cases though.

    • Jessica Benton says

      Funny you commented on this today. i have a new review for another wooden iphone case that will be posted later this week.

  2. says

    Great Post Jessica.

    I loved the phones. I think the i like the one with the 2 strips down the middle. I see you have one of your own.(As you mentioned in a previous comment.)

    How is the access to the ports (ie.headphones, volume control, datacable conn, etc.) ?? I hope this doesn’t get in the way. I’ve had bad experiences with some cases where the data cable/ charging cable would be very difficult to insert leaving me to take the case apart for it fit properly.